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Tango Dancing

Dancing Their Tango Wedding Dance: Scott And Natasha, Our Students!

Tango. Just the name of it sticks in your head. Even people who have never danced before have a dramatic image of what Tango should be just from the passionate nature of the Tango music. It permeates your soul. We have had couples take Tango lessons for their weddings. If you do not already know how to dance we suggest American Style Ballroom Tango. It is easier to pick up than international standard (for competition) and allows for couples to open up on some of the flashier movements. Most of the moves that you would be taught in the first 5 hours of American Style Tango could be done in a rater large skirt. The basic timing is Slow Slow Quick Quick Slow. For a more detailed history of the dance see our Dance Description Page

Warning: Tango brings out the wild side in all of us. We had one couple (8 lesson package) who learned Slow Dance and then chose Tango as their second dance because the Groom had always wanted to learn the Tango. The Bride hadn't wanted to learn it at first but...She fell so much in love with Tango that she bought another outfit to wear for the second half of the reception where she planned to dance Tango!

Valentino dancing the Tango in Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

In the movies Tango always commands attention. Tango is a
Al Pachino Dancing Argentine Tango in Scent of a woman
great dance. Among Dancers we say it is a "Dancer's Dance". Valentino's Tango dancing in The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse glamorized and eroticized it's image. There are multiple variants. Argentine Tango has much harder footwork and is very hard to do in a long dress. Note the length of the skirt for Al Pachino's partner in Scent Of A Woman. Is learning Tango practical? No, but neither is stopping to smell a rose, buying the expensive cheese when you want to treat yourself or getting the latest electronic equipment. I promise you that you will never regret learning the Tango. If you learn it you will dance it! There are crazed Tangueros (Tango Dancers) in every major city teaching Tango and having Milongas (Argentine Tango Dance Parties) all around the world! Check out the Group Classes section in our most recent Wedding Ezine Page for our tango groups in Alexandria, Virginia.

Tango Routine with Pulpo style Argentine Tango Leg grab Our Instructors performing a Tango Lunge

In addition to our private dance instruction in our Northern Virginia Studios, we are available for Group Tango Dancing Classes, Demonstrations and Dance Performances in both American Style and Argentine Style Tango. Add some passion to your life. Dance Tango!

Any of our Dance Packages can be used to learn to dance Tango.
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Tango Dance Lessons, Argentine and American Style Tango, by leading Northern Virginia area professional dance instructors. Whether you want to wow them at your wedding or you just want to dance for fun, First Dance Impressions can get you "Tangoing" across the dance floor in as little as 5 lessons! Private Dance Lessons in Fairfax and Warrenton, Virginia. You only have one chance to make a first dance impression!


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