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Scroll down to view the first Gallery of Our wonderful Wedding Dance Photos and Letters of appreciation our students have shared with us. Thank you for making us look so good! We could brag all day and not do as good a job as the testimonials from our Happy Couples! Click on Gallery X and Gallery XI to view our most recent First Dance Photos.

Kim Bosch van Drakenstein, Social Dance Instructor, First Dance Impressions Owner & Founder "Our greatest reward comes when we see our happy students in the photos and videos of their first dance! Please send us yours!"
Kim Bosch van Drakenstein
Owner & Dance Instructor
First Dance Impressions
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Mo & Christy Hasan
Viennese Waltz
June 10th, 2000

Mo and Christy dancing Viennese Waltz at their wedding

"Dear Kim,
Thank you so much for all of your hard work and training in helping us get ready for our first dance at our wedding. It was everything we ever wanted out of our first dance and more. We had so many people tell us how much fun they had watching our dance and some even said it was the best first wedding dance they ever saw. We look forward to dancing with you in the future!"

Mo & Christy Hasan

Eric & Megen Penree
Single Swing
December 29th, 2001

Kim' students Eric and Megan dancing swing Kim' students Megan and Eric's first dance Kim' students Eric and Megan's Wedding Dance

"Dear Kim,
Everyone at our wedding really enjoyed watching our first dance! It was a lot of fun!! The lessons were well worth it and we are looking forward to adding to our performance!! Kim, you are a great instructor and we are looking forward to seeing you in the future!!"

Thanks, Megan & Eric

Bobby & Kara DeGeorge
May 11th, 2002

Bobby and Kara's wedding dance Bobby and Kara's first dance Bobby and Kara's wedding dance dip

Photos Courtesy of Creative Force Photography, Inc

"Dear Kim, Thank you so much for being such a wonderful dance instructor. Your teaching expertise and style really showed in our performance. Our first dance as husband and wife was truly magical! We were able to enjoy ourselves and shine at the same time! Our wedding guests were blown away by our performance. We look forward to dancing with you in the future! Thanks again."

Kara & Bobby DeGeorge

Thomas & Carol Rose
Slow Dance
May 25th, 2002

Tom and Carol's first dance Carol and Tom dancing at their wedding First dance at Tom and Carol's wedding

Photos Courtesy of Sundance Studios Photography

"Kim, You are a great teacher! It was nice to have something fun to do in the middle of all the stressful wedding planning, and it really paid off. Everyone was impressed with our first dance, they said we had a fairytale wedding!"

Thanks, Carol and Thomas Rose

Marc & Elizabeth Hoff
May 26th, 2002

Mark and Elizabeth beaming during their first dance

Photo Courtesy of Barbara Glaeser Photography

"Kim, Thank you so much for all your help. We had a wonderful time during our first dance. Thanks to all your efforts, we were so comfortable we were able to just get lost in the moment. You would have been proud, I actually followed!@!! The picture does not convey the dance well-- except maybe the expression on my mother's face--she said she was so was amazed at how together Marc and I looked. Your service was exactly what we needed... Thank you again for helping making our wedding special. I will be recommending you to everyone I know."

Elizabeth & Mark Hoff



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