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Issue September 1-31, 2006

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Our students Tim and Molly dancing the Foxtrot for their first dance.

1) A Different Celebrity Wedding Photo from Past or Present!

This month's Celebrity Wedding Themed Photos feature one of the receptions sweetest moments: The Cake Cutting. Taking knives in hands we have Crown Prince Haakon of Norway with the lovely Princess Mette-Marit, Elvis & Pricilla Presley, and Whoopi Goldberg & Lyle Trachtenberg.

2) A Wedding Tradition Explained!

"Taking home the wedding cake"

The early Egyptians and Romans are among the first to have made bread (which later became cake) a special part of the wedding celebration. Grains, particularly prolific ones, such as wheat and barley were considered symbolic of fertility. It became traditional that at the end of the marriage ceremony, a thin loaf of wheat or barley would be broken over the Bride's head, presumably to ensure her many children. The guests would pick up the crumbs as good luck charms. The wedding cake has taken the place of the bread. While many people go ahead and eat the cake at the reception, individual portion wedding cake boxes are still common.

3) Kim's Wedding Tips!

Kim Bosch van Drakenstein, Owner/Founder of First Dance Impressions & Social Dance Instructor If You are in love with a frilly looking cake and your groom would like a more unusual one the Groom's cake is a good place to let him express himself. It is traditionally a much smaller cake and thus allows one to play with less formal themes and less traditional flavors with far less consequences. He can play up a love for golf or fishing, whatever! My husband had a chocolate groom's cake decorated like the helmet of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I did make them put the cakes on opposite ends of the table for presentational purposes. I got my elegant white calla lily amaretto tiered cake and he got to have his beloved chocolate and put his own little stamp on the wedding which his football buddies enjoyed.

4) Kim's Wedding Dance Tip "Dance Like A Shark"

Our students dancing foxtrot at their wedding with big smiles on their faces! In many weddings today the Bride and Groom have not had the advantage of taking dance lessons and feel a little awkward dancing in front of the crowd. It is usually obvious to the guests that you would rather not be there. Dance lessons will of course fix this problem but even if you never learn to dance, smiling while you dance is absolutely necessary. I am always saying "More Teeth!" to the couples I teach. If you are dancing beautifully, it still will not look right unless you smile. The converse is true as well -- even if you have no clue about dancing, the two of you smiling and enjoying the moment will make for a better show. Dancing is like a shark, it has to keep moving - Never Stop and always Shows Lots Of Teeth! A big mistake means even bigger teeth! Look at my students smiling broadly as they foxtrot around the floor. It is obvious that they are having a great time, and guests will always feel more like joining in the party if the Bride and Groom are truly enjoying themselves.

5) This issue's Featured Vendor

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Wanda has been specializing in wedding cakes for 27 years. She creates unique personalized cakes that delight both the palette and the eye and are as individual as the Bride's own personal style. All of Wanda's wedding cakes are artistically created using award winning designs. In addition to wedding cakes she also designs specialty and novelty cakes for the groom, birthdays or corporate functions.

Wanda's services include:

Consultation Services, Artistically Custom Designed Cakes, A Variety of Cake Flavors and Fillings, Delivery and Set-up, Available Complimentary Anniversary Cake & Groom's Cakes

Mention First Dance Impressions when consulting or ordering your cake and get 5% off the cost of your personally designed wedding confection!

6) Poems, Prayers & Promises

A romantic quote to simply to elevate your mood or to help you find the right sentiment for your vows or ceremony.

"I spread out the days before me
the days we have spent together
some bright as frost stars,
some glowing with an opalescent magic,
some cool as water-tumbled pebbles,
some flashing with fire.
What would they have been without you?
Dates crossed off on a calendar."

       Marion C. Garretty

7) A New Bridal Themed Wallpaper for your computer desktop!

Now your computer screen can be dressed up too! Simply right click your mouse on our background and tell your computer to save ("set") as wall paper, BUT be sure you have saved the current background on you computer desktop first, if you want to get it back! If the background does not show up immediately, right click on your desktop background and click on refresh.


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