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Our students Tim and Molly dancing the Foxtrot for their first dance.

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1) A Different Celebrity Wedding Photo from Past or Present!

This issue's Celebrity Wedding photos feature celebrities couples cutting and eating their cakes. They are JFK cutting the cake with new Bride Jacqueline Kennedy, and Marilyn Monroe feeding Arthur Miller his first bite of Wedding Cake.

2) A Wedding Tradition Explained!

"Why Do People Save Wedding Cake For A Year?"

Everyone has heard that you are supposed to save the top layer of your wedding cake to eat on your first anniversary. I have known several brides who have done this and none of them got past the first bite of that moldy, tasteless, year old cake. This tradition of keeping the top layer for anniversary eating first came into vogue when the wedding cakes that were served were an extremely alcoholic fruit cake. Said Fruit cakes were much more able to stand the year's wait much more than most modern cakes which contain nowhere near enough liqueur to last 365 days!

3) Wedding Tips!

As explained in the wedding tradition above, the wedding cakes that are in vogue today are very different from the one's that people saved to eat on their first anniversary. This leaves two practical options. Have your cake baker make an alcoholic fruit cake as the top layer or go with option two (This is what I did). Contract with your baker to make a small anniversary cake for you using identical flavoring. Sometimes you can get this for free while wheeling and dealing on the price of your real wedding cake, be sure you get this in writing and remind them about 1 month before your anniversary. Your groom will thank you.

4) Wedding Dance Tip "Dance Like A Shark!"

Our students dancing rumba for their first dance. In most weddings today the Bride and Groom have not learned to dance and feel a little awkward dancing in front of the crowd. It is usually obvious to the guests that you would rather not be there. Dance lessons will of course fix this problem. Even so, I am always saying "More Teeth!" to the couples I teach. If you are dancing beautifully, it still will not look right unless you smile. The converse is true as well -- even if you have no clue about dancing, the two of you smiling and enjoying the moment will make for a better show. Dancing is like a shark, it has to keep moving and always shows lots of teeth! A big mistake means even bigger teeth! Look at my students Greg and Marisela. In the middle of their open up move they are looking out and smiling. Okay, the wedding guests were all shocked that Greg had learned how to dance at all, but most of the guests told me how amazed they were that he was having such a great time doing it!

5) Group Classes

Our teachers run events and perform locally on a regular basis.

No Group Classes are currently being offered.

6) This issue's Featured Vendor!

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7) Poems, Prayers & Promises

A romantic quote to simply to elevate your mood or to help you find the right sentiment for your vows or ceremony.

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."


8) A New Bridal Themed Wallpaper for your computer desktop!

Now your computer screen can be dressed up too! Simply right click your mouse on our background and tell your computer to save ("set") as wall paper, BUT be sure you have saved the current background on you computer desktop first, if you want to get it back! If the background does not show up immediately, right click on your desktop background and click on refresh.


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