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Issue July 1-15, 2002

Our Brides and Grooms have danced the night away at their fairytale weddings! Let us help you plan Your 1st Dance and MORE!

First Dance Impressions
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Our students Tim and Molly dancing the Foxtrot for their first dance.

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1) A New Bridal Themed Wallpaper for your computer desktop!

Now your computer screen can be dressed up too! Simply right click your mouse on our background and tell your computer to save ("set") as wall paper, BUT be sure you have saved the current background on you computer desktop first, if you want to get it back!

2) A Different Celebrity Wedding Photo from Past or Present!

Bridal Finery! This week's selections are Celine Dion, Mariah Carey & Tommy Mottola, and Sharon Stone & Phil Bronstein.


3) Poems, Prayers & Promises

A romantic quote to elevate your mood or to help you find the right sentiment for your vows or ceremony.

I spread out the days before me - the days we have spent together - some bright as frost stars, some glowing with an opalescent magic, some cool as water-tumbled pebbles, some flashing with fire. What would they have been without you? Dates crossed off on a calendar.

Marion C. Garretty

4) Kim's Wedding Tips!

One way to make your bride's maids happy is to give them a chance to look good in their dress and to wear that dress again. You can do this on line more easily than you would think possible. There are many online boutiques which will allow out of town bride's maids to see and order their dress on line. This also saves the bride the hassle of getting sizes, arguing about the style of the dress and dealing with the money. Our featured vendor carries the Watters & Watters Collections which are lovely. You can pick a color and fabric and allow them to pick the dress that they feel would suit them the best.

5)A Wedding Tradition Explained!


The standard, White dress for weddings, really started in Victorian times thanks to Queen Victoria. Before that the bride usually wore her favorite color and used it as her best dress after the wedding. It was also a display of wealth to have a dress you only wear once. People did not have as many changes of clothes as we do now. Dresses had high collars, but party dresses could show a huge amount of chest. It became fashionable to copy Queen Victoria's wedding. This is still done today. The Victorian bride favored a long veil down her back with a small crown of flowers (Queen Victoria wore orange blossoms.) Battenburg lace became very popular at this time. Before Queen Victoria, Royals always wed in Silver and commoners in blue. Brides of ancient Israel wore blue ribbons on the border of their wedding cloths to denote, love, modesty and fidelity. These are ideals still associated today with that color. Blue is also associated with the purity of the Virgin Mary and is the most popular of all colors. Many were married gowned in it. The something blue is a throwback to this ancient tradition honoring the purity of the bride. Faced with such an enduring biblical and social tradition it is ironic that Queen Victoria's radical departure from tradition has become the norm. She also did a mean Waltz, by all accounts, which was far more shocking!
Red is the color of "Love and Joy" in China. At one time it was the brides' favorite color of choice for the wedding garment, candles, guest gift favors and everything that went along with her wedding. In China today, many girls still choose to go by the old traditions of their forefathers.

6) This issue's Featured Vendor!

Julia Elena of Casa Mauricio has been designing elegant and stunning wedding gowns for years, and you can trust her to help you create your dream dress. At Casa Mauricio all dresses are crafted to the bride. Each gown Julia Elena creates is totally unique. Julia Elena is offering a free personal design consultation. She is available by appointment only. Each consultation feature attention to 5 salient points.

1)THE EVENT - a dress for a garden wedding is not the same as for a formal evening event. The dress sets the tone for the whole wedding.
2)THE PERSONALITY OF THE BRIDE - Who are you and what is your dream vision of how you want to look?!
3)THE BODY TYPE - Since each gown is made to order it will be a perfect fit, designed to highlight your best features.
4)BUDGET - Julia Elena is a designer, not a sales clerk working on a commission. She is interested in creating the perfect dress for you that you can afford.
5)PERSONALIZED COLOR ANALYSIS- an often overlooked yet crucial step in the selection of your dress. Julia Elena is highly experienced in ascertaining which shades of white (and there are many - diamond, peachy, cream, yellow, blue...) will set off your skin tones to advantage.
Your dream dress may well be out on a rack somewhere but how many will you have to try on? How many anxious sales people will you have to talk to who are more interested in getting rid of last year's fashion than in creating your dream? At Casa Mauricio it all starts with you. Click on the logo above to go to the web site or call Casa Mauricio at (202)966-6767 to make an appointment with Julia Elena. Mention First Dance Impressions to get this free design consultation.


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