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Issue December 1-15, 2002

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First Dance Impressions
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Our students Tim and Molly dancing the Foxtrot for their first dance.

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1) A New Bridal Themed Wallpaper for your computer desktop!

Now your computer screen can be dressed up too! Simply right click your mouse on our background and tell your computer to save ("set") as wall paper, BUT be sure you have saved the current background on you computer desktop first, if you want to get it back! If the background does not show up immediately, right click on your desktop background and click on refresh.

2) A Different Celebrity Wedding Photo from Past or Present!

We always try to find interesting celebrity wedding photos you may not have seen.
This issue's celebrities include Michael Douglas & Catherine Zita Jones,
Pete Sampras & Bridgitte Wilson and James Belushi & Jennifer Sloan.


3) Poems, Prayers & Promises

A romantic quote to elevate your mood or to help you find the right sentiment for your vows or ceremony.

"I knew that I had been touched by love the first time I saw you,
and I felt your warmth, and I heard your laughter.

"I knew that I had been touched by love when I was hurting from something
that happened, and you came along and made the hurt go away.

"I knew that I had been touched by love when I quit making plans with my
friends, and started dreaming dreams with you.

"I knew that I had been touched by love when suddenly I stopped thinking
in terms of "me", and started thinking in terms of "we".

"I knew that I had been touched by love when suddenly I couldn't make
any decisions by myself anymore, and I had the strong desire to share
everything with you.

"I knew that I had been touched by love the first time we spent alone
together, and I knew I wanted to stay with you forever because
I had never felt this touched by love."

       Author Unknown

4) Kim's Wedding Tips!

We recently tied those knots and have tips, tricks and to be avoided stories to share:

When selecting your veil...

TIP #1: Never buy the veil before the dress. You may have dreamed of exactly the veil you wanted but you MUST try it on with the dress you will wear down the aisle. Because we have so many options for buying via the Internet and various bridal shops, some brides do not even see the dress and veil together in advance! There are approximately 16 different shades of white (diamond, ivory, blue, etc.), I shall leave the math to you on the odds of you selecting the exact same shade without the two together. Take the time to send swatches if ordering by mail or via the Internet. In my case the veil was dyed to match the shade of my grandmother's wedding dress which I can assure you was not offered standard.
TIP #2: Have the veil in hand when you select your hairstyle. Do not waste time at the hairdresser's looking for pictures that "sort of look like your veil". It goes without saying that you NEED to have it with you for the trial run. You will be looking at these pictures for the rest of your life and you want your hair to be perfect. Don't be afraid to change the style that you selected, that is what the trial updo is for!
TIP #3: Discuss whether or not you want to take off your veil during the reception and exactly how to do so. At the last wedding I was at, the bride had a lovely chignon in the back decorated with roses nobody saw. This was because the veil was essentially unremovable. She looked lovely she was bothered that the rose decorations didn't show.

4A)Wedding Dance Tip
Even if you intend to do the "bear hug sway" on the dance floor you must deal with your veil. I allowed the women at the bridal shop to convince me that the ring pictured above and at left would hold my dress and veil up during the dance. While entirely appropriate for the Victorian style dress I wore, it was utterly useless. Notice the veil pooling about my feet! Moments later the rest of my dress followed. At one point during our waltz the guests feared that my tiara would be ripped off my head as my husband stepped on the veil while turning (luckily my veil was really long!) If I had it to do over I would have held or bustled my dress and would have removed the longer detachable section of the veil for the first dance. Do not let this happen to you!


5) A Wedding Tradition Explained!

THE "DOWRY" (or why the father of the bride pays)
As civilized nations developed, it became very important, especially to Royal, noble and other prominent families/ clans to form political, military, and economic ties. Arranged marriages became a preferred method of cementing ties between families, middle class family businesses, and countries. A man's daughters, who were considered to be his property in those days, provided a means of securing these needed alliances. Thus dowries were introduced as a means attracting and securing the most beneficial family alliances possible. While the alliances formed by love make for a happier marriage, the father of the bride is still traditionally expected to foot the majority of the bill for the wedding since he no longer has to pay the groom to marry his daughter.

6) This issue's Featured Vendor!

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7) Special Events!

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