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Reynaldo Perez and Competing in International Latin 2003.
Competitive Ballroom Dance Sport
Coaching, Performance and Choreography
International Standard and Latin
American Style Smooth and Rhythm
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Teaching Ballroom Dance lessons in Virginia, Maryland and D.C., Reynaldo Perez has spent 18 years training, teaching and competing in Ballroom Dance Sport competitions nationally. Reynaldo dances and trains with a passionate dedication to technique, transforming his ballroom dance students from Social Dancers to Dance Sport Competitors and Performers.

Dance Sport is very different from social dancing. The quality of movement required to win in modern competitive dance sport is has never been higher. It is athletic, artistic and extremely precise. Reynaldo's "Dance as a Sport" methodology builds layer upon layer of technique which which teaches his students to dance and subsequently to compete with both control and power.

Reynaldo Perez and Kim Bosch van Drakenstein Dancing Bolero at the 2005 Capitol Dance Sport Competition.

His unique creative vision is inspired by modern dance which results in dynamic and innovative, winning Ballroom Dancesport choreography designed to both capture the eye of the judges and demonstrate mastery of dance techniques such as controlled and balanced spins, sharp precise footwork and body isolations.

Reynaldo Perez coaches Dancesport competitors in both the International and American Styles in Fox Trot, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Quick Step, Tango, Rumba, Cha-cha, Mambo, Bolero, Pasodoble, Samba & Swing.

Reynaldo Perez and Kim Swing dancing in Virginia State 2006 - Swing. Reynaldo Perez and Kim dancing closed Mambo, Virginia State 2006. Reynaldo Perez dances Cha Cha with Kim at Virginia State 2006 Ballroom Dance Cometition.

Have you always wanted to compete? Or have you just wished you could move your hips like that? Dance Sport training can radically improve your dancing even if you never intend to dance on a competition floor. Dancing with real connection between the man and woman, precision in your footwork and control of your posture and core muscles are some of the hallmarks of Ballroom Dance Champions. It is the difference between walking through footwork and dancing dynamically so people cannot take their eyes off of you.
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Coaching Rates start at $80 per 50 minute lesson.
Discounts available on larger packages.

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