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Fauquier Times - Democrat January 29th,2003
Excerpts From The Hunt Country Celebrations Bridal Show Article by George Rowand

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"First Dance Impressions

  Any wedding is filled with potentially emotional episodes, but perhaps nothing is so fraught with fear as the initial dance of the married couple.
   The lights go on and the announcer calls out their names, and all eyes turn
to the dance floor.
Final Dip Photo of our students, Tom and Carol Rose, which was published with the article.

  Crank up the music -- and the pressure. Since dance is one of the neglected arts in American society, the moment can be tension filled.
  Or not. First Dance Impressions, a Warrenton business, offers a package of dance lessons designed to get the bride and groom through that first dance in style.
  "Women drag men in here because they want to look like princesses, and the men just don't want to look stupid," said Kim Bosch van Drakenstein, owner of First Dance Impressions. "My students take five or ten lessons. They learn a routine. It makes for a very polished picture.
"This is very different from most dance studios," she continued. "We teach a lot of lead-and-follow. If he makes a mistake, she should follow it, and if she makes a mistake, he should cover it. Then it's a variation. And we cater to anyone."
  Kim Bosch van Drakenstein said the grooms generally discover that they enjoy the lessons.
  "Men like it because they're in total control for about three minutes," she said with a laugh. "I tell them, "Treat the bride like she's a lawn mower. You have to move straight forward. You have to be dominant."
  Ms. Bosch van Drakenstein has taught a wide variety of clients, "from the Air Force to the Girl Scouts," and she even gave lessons while a wedding reception was going on.
  "It was a Korean wedding, and they had arranged with me before hand to come and teach some dances. When I got there, nobody was dancing, so we got them going, and I had a translator tell them what I was saying, and we got them all on the dance floor. After I was finished, a lot of them stayed out there."
  Ms. Bosch van Drakenstein said that wasn't an unusual experience.
  "Most people who don't dance don't realize how much fun it is."
  First Dance Impressions can be reached at (540) 347-7832 or (703) 868-0982. The Web site is"

Washingtonian Magazine January 2003, Wedding Guide.
Below are excerpts from the article by Cindy Rich

"For many brides and grooms, a first dance isn’t really a dance. They stand in place and sway, whisper, and kiss. I’d always found it romantic. But when I got engaged, my fiancé saw it differently: Those couples, he said, didn’t know how to dance. Neither did we. So we took our four left feet and our first-dance song, a Billy Joel ballad, to First Dance Impressions....Our Instructor introduced us to the “Foxy,” a slower version of the foxtrot. Its “walk, walk, sway, sway” pattern seemed doable. We’d have five private sessions to choreograph our 2 1/2-minute wedding song....So we turned lessons into dinner and dancing. It became a welcome weekly escape from seating charts and floral arrangements. We learned enough steps to feel like dancers. We practiced at home. We took our last lesson a week before the wedding so we wouldn’t forget anything. Then came the wedding...We laughed and enjoyed the moment....We’re glad we took lessons."

The Fauquier Citizen Wedding Planner 2004

Article on choosing your First Dance Song

The Winter 2004 Issue of "I Do" Magazine featured Kim Bosch van Drakenstein, Owner & Founder of First Dance Impressions, Inc. in their Bliss or Miss: Dos and Don'ts Section

First Dance Impressions' Owner Giving Advice To Brides About Their First Dance

First Dance Impressions was in the Cox Media Unique Discoveries: Bridal Edition 2004
which aired on the Cox Media TV Network in the months of September and October. Interviews
with our students and videos of them dancing beautifully at their weddings were featured.

Mo and Christy dancing the Viennese Waltz Bob and Kim dancing at their wedding Keven & Kim's first dance

Argentine Tango Performance by Teachers Fabio Bonini and Kim Bosch van Drakenstein
The Cosmos Club Gala in Washington DC, November 10th 2004

Agentine Tango Colgada Pulpo style Argentine Tango Leg grab Tango Lunge

Kim Bosch van Drakenstein, Social Dance Instructor, First Dance Impressions Owner & Founder

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