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The Honors Dance

Mr. Mandeville dancing with his daughter at her wedding
"We did awesome because of you! Thanks again,"
Jen Duncan

What father doesn't feel a bit of reluctance to part with his little girl? It is with a peculiar mixture of pride and protectiveness that he leads her down the aisle at the church and later, out onto the dance floor at the wedding reception. The lovely tradition of the Bride dancing with her father is an acknowledgment of the special relationship between father and daughter and in more modern times between the Groom and his mother.

Ian Web dancing with his mother at his wedding
"The last time my son danced with me, he was 3 years old. Now I only wish I had taken lessons too so that I could follow him better!"
Mrs Webb

The Honors dance has been a tradition on both sides of the Atlantic for many years. In this country the first dance is most often the Bride and Groom followed by the Bride dancing with her father. In Europe however, this is reversed and therefore tends to be another visible sign of letting go of "Daddy's little girl". Both traditions have their merits. While the European is more symbolic, the American way showcases the Bride and Groom more. It also allows for the Groom to take his mother out onto the floor midway through the dance which then can snowball into general dancing, first for the wedding party, and then for the rest of the attending guests.

At First Dance Impressions, we recognize these special moments and regularly cater to the parents of the happy couple both with our standard Wedding Dance Packages and with custom designed programs to fit the particular needs of your wedding party. Often times the parents will keep taking lessons long after the newlyweds have flown the coop! Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have about arranging your own Honors Dance.

Popular Honors Dance Songs!

Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle (Slow Dance)
Blessed by Elton John (Rumba)
Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder (Foxtrot)
The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra (Foxtrot)
What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong (Slow Dance or Foxtrot)
Wind beneath my Wings by Bette Midler (Slow Dance)
Sunrise Sunset by Jerry Vale (Waltz)
Thank Heaven for little girls by Maurice Chevalier (Foxtrot)

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