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Most Recommended Wedding Dance Company
By Local Vendors and Brides Online or In Person!

Bob & Kim Ellis
Slow Dance /Single Swing
April 26th, 2003

Kim' students Bob and Kim's Wedding Dance Kim' students Bob and Kim Dancing at their wedding reception

Greg & Marisela Cola
Rumba/ Salsa
May 3rd, 2003

First Dance Greg and Marisela Greg and Marisela Dancing at their wedding reception

"In the time leading up to our wedding we looked forward to our dance lessons and our "hang-out time" with Kim every week. Our wedding was a perfect day in every way, but one of the greatest highlights was hearing the crowd cheer when my husband Greg (who "can't dance") started spinning and dipping me on the dance floor! Our first dance was amazing! Kim was energetic and very patient with us. We are planning on signing up for more lessons! Hugs,"

Marisela Cola!!"

Greg and Marisela's Wedding Dance Greg dipping Marisela at their wedding reception

Aaron & Tara McDade
Slow Dance
May 17th, 2003

"Dear Kim, All our friends were clapping and whistling when we did the turns and pivots. Aaron was excellent thanks to your lessons. We were prepared for dress, my hair being a little higher, our introduction, and the ending! My parents were so, so impressed and it's all caught on video too! I've recommended you to one of my girlfriends, who is getting married in February. I told her you were responsible for our superior performance on our big day! We couldn't have done it without you! Is there anything I can do to help promote you and First Dance Impressions? Please let me know!!"

Tara and Aaron

Aaron & Rebbecca Steketee
Viennese Waltz
May 24th, 2003

Rebbecca and Aaron dancing Viennese Waltz at their wedding

"Dear Kim, Thank you for your wonderful style of teaching and your expertise in dance! We had a wonderful experience and by the time of the wedding, Aaron felt very confident! I felt beautiful out on the floor! It, truly, was one of the highlights of our day!"

Rebbecca and Aaron

Eric & Andrea Henry
Slow Dance
May 31st, 2003

Eric and Andrea's first dance Eric and Andrea Dancing at their Wedding Eric dipping Andrea at their wedding

"We really enjoyed the confidence we gained by taking lessons with Kim of First Dance Impressions, not only did we have a better time, not feeling self conscious, but we looked great doing it! All night long people kept saying "get out of the way - Here come the professionals!"

Tim and Rebecca

Steven Downs & Kathryn Blackwell
Foxtrot /Swing
June 7th, 2003

Kathryn & Steven's first dance Kathryn & Steven's first dance Steven dipping Kathryn at their wedding

"Kim, Thanks for the lessons. Everything went very well for our June 7th wedding! Steve got very nervous before the dance, but everyone said it was the most beautiful first dance they'd ever seen.! We actually would like to take a few more and learn a new dance! This was definitely the best part of the wedding "planning"! Thanks again!"

Kathryn and Steve



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