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Steve & Stephanie Wilburn
Slow Dance
June 22nd, 2002

Stephanie and Steve's wedding dance First dance for Steve and Stephanie Stephanie and Steve's first dance at their wedding

"Dear Kim,
Thank you for all your help, you were great. I cant wait for more lessons!"

Stephanie and Steve Wilburn

Greg Katchuk & Mojgan Haghshenas
Slow Dance
June 28th, 2002

Kim' students Greg and Mojgan's wedding dance Kim' students Greg and Mojgan's wedding dance dip Kim' students Greg and Mojgan's first dance

Photos Courtesy of Image Perfect

Dave & Laurie Bertoccini
September 14th, 2002

Dave and Laurie dancing at their wedding Dave and Laurie's first dance at their wedding Dave dipping Laurie during the first dance

"Dear Kim, Bert and I had a great time during our lessons and definitely plan to take more in the future."


Tom & Cori Lee
September 21th, 2002

Tom and Cori dancing at their wedding Tom and Cori's wedding dance

"Dear Kim,
Thanks so much for teaching us to dance for our big "1st dance"! With out your instruction we would be completely lost! Tom and I feel much more at ease on the dance floor. Thanks Again!"

Cori and Tom

Patrick & Cara Berger
October 5th, 2002

Patrick and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to you for your incredible dance lessons! Our first dance to 'Fly Me to the Moon' at our October 5th wedding in Leesburg went off absolutely flawlessly! It was pure magic - as if we were walking on air. Patrick got in FOUR twirls (which were met with big 'ooohs' form the audience each time) several promenades, and was a regular Fred Astaire. I managed to follow effortlessly and we were beaming all the while.
I must tell you that our dance lessons with you were not only the best investment we made throughout our wedding planning - but the most enjoyable aspect of it as well. The lessons were fun, a huge stress reliever, and one of the few things we could really do as a couple to prepare for the big day. More than that - it turned us on to a romantic and fun activity we plan to continue.
Heartfelt thanks to you for your talent, your energy, and the thought and time you put into each lesson. You really are a gem and we are so thrilled we had the opportunity to work with you. We'll send pictures soon!

Patrick and Cara Berger

Alex & Jual Harman
Slow Dance
October 12th, 2002

First Dance Finale for Alex and Jual

Check out the Big Finish! We just wanted to say Thank you for all your hard work and patience while we were learning to dance. The wedding went off without a hitch and "the dance" was a big hit! We were both pretty nervous when we started, but throughout the dance we heard a lot of cheers, so we think we did OK. Thanks again,"

Jual and Alex



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