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Aaron & Teri Kurtz
Slow Dance / Tango
September 5th, 2004

Aaron and Teri at their wedding

"Hey Kim, sorry that it's taken so long to Email you. This is Aaron, my wife and I were the ones who did the Tango for the commercial (of which several of our friends have seen!). We're still waiting to hear from our photographer on the pictures, and to get the dvd back from the videographer people too, so right now, I can't give you much in the way of visual items other than this picture of our wedding party. I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you! Though I do not regret anything that we did in preparation of that day, I feel that your dance lessons were the best thing that we did. Our first dance went smoothly and jaws could be heard hitting the floor when we romanced them with the Tango. Teri and I still listen to our songs, smiling, laughing, and remembering that wonderful day. Thank you so much, Kim! You'll be hearing from us soon (not only for the pictures, but so we can learn some tantalizing Argentinean Tango)."
Aaron Kurtz

Ojg & Christine Wilson
September 11th, 2004

Tom and Carol's first dance Carol and Tom dancing at their wedding

Photos Courtesy of Laura Biederman Photography

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank Fabio for the wonderful dance lessons that my husband and I took before our wedding. We had so much fun learning our dance and Fabio always reminded us to enjoy the experience and to work together. I have to say that I was nervous before we got up there to dance, but once we got going we had a blast. You can see in the pictures that we both had huge smiles on our faces. Our friends and family were amazed that we pulled off such a great first dance- the whistles and cheers were great. Thanks for the great experience and the skills we needed to have a perfect first dance!"
Christine & Ojg Wilson

Eric & Shannon Schumer
September 18th, 2004

"Dear Kim & Fabio, We wanted to thank you both for the great time we had learning our first dance. We had the best time at our lessons and an even greater time showing it off at the wedding! So many people have said how great our dance was. The entire wedding was up and clapping while we danced. You both were so nice as well -- Thanks again. We'll be sure to send all our friends to you. Sincerely,"
Shannon and Eric Schumer

Mr & Mrs Glover
October 8th, 2004

Foxtrot wedding dance

Mr & Mrs Bacon
October 16th, 2004

wedding dance

"We dit it! Thanks for all your help, even with all the problems getting to the practice sessions, we managed to make it look good. Thanks for all your help."
Barbara Bacon

Chris & Cate Sia,
October 30th, 2004

First Dance Cate and Chris Chris dipping Cae at their wedding

"Dear Kim, We can't thank you enough for all your help and advice in preparing for our first dance together as husband and wife. It was truly a magical moment thanks to you! Everything went smoothly and we (and our friends and family for that matter) were amazed at how easily we swept across the floor. Thanks a million for everything and we hope to come back for more dancing soon! All the best,"
Cate Sia

Carl & Natalya Barden
Slow Dance
November 6th, 2004

Natalya and Carl's 1st Dance Natalya and Carl's First Dance Natalya and Carl Dancing at their wedding

"Dear Kim: The wedding was wonderful and we (as well as all our guests) had so much fun! And thanks to you, we did well with our dance. People said it was beautiful. Maybe our guests were a little biased in that respect, but I really do think we did a good job :) Thank you so much for giving us the tools and the confidence to make our first dance so special. We will always treasure those memories. And we are now definitely considering continuing with taking more dancing classes in the future. I have a few pictures of us dancing that my fiends e-mailed me. Here they are. Thank you so much for everything. You are a terrific dance instructor and we had a great time with our dance classes."
Natalya and Carl

Ian & Suzyn Webb
Single Swing
November 27th, 2004

Ian and Suzyn dancing swing at their wedding



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